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One woman tragi- comedy, Kara J Richards, plays Cowgirl Jazz, (Which is a syncopated country, blues, folk , soul and jazz thing) 
Her perseptive and darkly amusing songs are written from a 21st century perspective that has come out of the folk traditions of England, Ireland, France, Spain and South East Asia, all being countries in which she has lived in the course of her none too short life.

Her show, which is ideal for clubs, lazy festival afternoons or late late cabaret, consists of songs from recently released album

A Short Study On The Nature of Love and Drink, plus some old ones and some new ones, and stories that often as not start “I met a man in a bar”

This song was written in the hope of getting people to think about the reasons why people would leave their homes and travel hundreds of miles in life -threatening conditions.
The idea to release it to raise a bit of cash to help these people was a result of seeing the brilliant work that
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